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  • Charles Irby
  • Committee: M.Paz Gutierez | Margaret Crawford
  • water, landscape + architecture

What happens to spaces caught between permanence and impermanence? Sites of ambiguity and paradox? As a basic form of spatial production, whether at the scale of a single person or an entire city, a camp is both a field of architectural research and a kind of contemporary field research. Camps are inescapable functions of our contemporary moment, revealing local and global forces at their initial stages and thus voicing trend, crisis, and identity. These pliable expanses conform to our desires but might equally be constrained or manipulated by outside influence. Scientists, Soldiers, Artists, Protestors, Dreamers, Detainees, Refugees, Survivalists, and Hackers – a vast network of provisional sites that each mark a story within a larger global narrative of autonomy, control, and necessity. Each one a category to be addressed as application scenarios for buildinGRENADES, pneumatically deployable shell-structures. Camps of choice, camps regulated by power structures, and camps of relief and assistance. Elementally, Camping is place-making.