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  • Jason Campbell
  • Committee: M. Paz Gutierrez | Keith Plymale | Danelle Guthrie
  • water, infrastructure + architecture

In the midst of our attempts to achieve a desired level of privacy and territorial distinction, we have become so far removed from the actions that facilitate our existence. One can say, space is defined by an understanding of separation, by a degree of restriction. So, faced with this task of defining space, we are left with the topology of a confrontation.

We employ the architectural middleman (objects of partition and section) to regulate the conversation and traversal of internal and external flows, and subsequently, have removed ourselves from the potential of a space in tension.
The separation of territory suggests an ever-changing gradation in scale and occupation, yet are primarily left underdeveloped and static, what I consider, a by-product space.

A by-product space is the convergence of territories in opposition, a space held to a state of restriction due to the proximity to a detrimental condition. I aim to address by-product spaces, not for their underutilization and potential in programming, but to posit a form and identity to the notion of edge, separation, and section; to explore the discourse of public versus private space, and their association to positive and negative.