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  • Wenrui Xiong
  • Committee: Rene Davids | Renee Chow
  • oceans, rivers + architecture

Resulting from the booming development of technology and the short history or modern architecture, today there are lots of precious properties or architecture are overseen in the design, peopole are losing lots of experience in them. This thesis is trying to take research on one of them, change or shifting some parts of the spaces in ferry terminal buildings. In the Chinese culture, ferry has long been a sensitive space, always involve time, atmosphere and emotion, however nowadays by modernization and globalization, this unique space has gone, turned to large, cold glass and steel shelves

Terminal buildings have several personalities: temporality of human activity and movement, involuntarily emotion evoking memory recalling, and various experiences. However today’s terminal buildings usually lack of them, designers focus on the structure, fancy form instead of focusing on the spaces in use, or useful. The thesis explores how to interlock there personalities into the design to change conditions of so many “non-places”, using a certain language to redrawing the scene in today’s typical terminal design.