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  • Naomi Rosenberg
  • Committee: Mark Anderson | Gary Black | Renee Chow
  • water, infrastructure + architecture

Addressing the lack of affordable and reliable roofing options in Ahmedadbad, specifically for low income, illegal/informal settlements in high-density, urban areas, and questioning the use of conventional building materials in the US, this project works to develop a composite material of repurposed paper and cardboard-plentiful waste materials in Ahmedadbad and most urban areas worldwide-for use in housing construction, while assessing appropriate applications of the material, in terms of structure, sheathing and insulation. In order to provide individuals with agency in the formation and aesthetics of their dwellings, they can produce the composite panels using a press and for and configure them according to their needs. The texture and quality of the material provide further opportunities for customization through embedded patterns or surface design.