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  • Feifei Alice Cao
  • Committee: M. Paz Gutierrez | Stefano Schiavon
  • water + the city

Urban population is projected to gain 2.6 billion, passing from 3.6 billion in 2011 to 6.3 billions in 2050. The exponential growth of population comes the issue of exponential growth of urban water and data management. While they are not the only infrastructural problems that need improvement, they are the two that can be addressed at the same scale by an architectural solution.

The system scale problems of both infrastructures converge at the architectural scale due to the fact that density, circulation, resource planning and distribution are inherently architectural conditions. Both are networks with distinct articulation of concentrated processing and vast network of distribution. Both currently experience vast inefficiencies in terms of siting, energy consumption, and operational organization. Combining the programs will create a symbiotic system that will address the issues of two inefficient single-function infrastructural systems while promoting a denser network structure for both systems.