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  • Ryan Beliakoff
  • Committee: M. Paz Gutierrez | Lisa Iwamoto | Dana Buntrock
  • water, infrastructure + architecture

How can multiscale program and resourcing operations revitalize the life of an obsolete aquaduct while impacting the adjacent areas positively?

The O’Shaughnessy Dam houses the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and is the only dam constructed within a National Park. The reservoir feeds 2.6 million people within the greater San Francisco Bay area and accounts for 85 percent of the drinking water supply. In November, legislation was voted down to investigate removal of the dam. If the dam had been demolished, the city of San Francisco and surrounding areas would be responsible for obtaining alternative sources of water and energy. Removal would leave a massive 167 mile remnant across California in the form of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct. I am proposing that the pipeline could still serve a viable function in providing the San Francisco Bar Area with clean drinking water as well as positively impacting neighboring areas with the implementation of additional program in the case of dam removal.