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  • Luis Antonio Cruz
  • Committee: Rene Davids | Linda Jewell
  • water + the city

In the city of Los Angeles, water resources and urban runoff are at a critical point. Water travels hundreds of miles to reach the city, and with over-consumption, Los Angeles has managed to deplete some of the most crucial sources of water in the United States. Concurrently, once water is consumed, more than ninety-nine percent goes untreated into the Santa Monica Bay as urban runoff. This thesis focuses on designing a possible solution, working at the scale of a network in order to withstand such a large-scale problem. The project focuses on an existing integrated network, gas stations. With over seventeen hundred locations within Los Angeles, the gas station will evolve into a green infrastructure that filters urban runoff while remediating its hazardous sites. The stations are to regenerate as a public system of spaces that equally serve people, infrastructure and ecology within the built environment.