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  • Jerry Wang
  • Committee: Mark Anderson | Gary Black
  • oceans, rivers + architecture

Natural resources are a necessity for human lives and in many countries these resources are scarce. In the northern provices of China, water is a precious resource that people are in need of. However, the poor conditions of the area do not allow people to have sufficient and effective equipment to retrieve water. The Yellow River for many centuries has served as the main water resource for the people of Northern China, but because of severe pollution due to industrial discharge, people are forced to dig for water and build wells in harsh conditions.

The water in many cases is very contaminated and families have no choice but to drink the contaminated water. leading to sickness and the spread of diseases, creating ‘cancer’ villages where cancers rates are abnormally higher than other villages. My thesis project is exploring using existing green spaces along the Yellow River to be used as water treatment wetlands that that also serve as important activity spaces for locals. The emphasis of creating an environment that has the qualities of the interactions between the nature and communal spaces in mountainous suburban spaces. The exploration aims to create a spacial typology that evokes the senses of the local residents.