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  • Priti Pai
  • Committee: Rene Davids | Margaret Crawford
  • water, infrastructure + architecture

We rely on infrastructure in very intimate ways; it feeds us, bathes us and hydrates us; divides us and organizes us. It exists as both an ode to our highest ambitions and yet, regardless of our intimate ties, its representation and physical presence remains alien to us. Infrastructure creates incredibly monumental spaces in our landscape and cities, owed to its physical dimension and muscle, but it is exactly this consuming scale that renders these spaces inaccessible. This thesis attempts to expand the structural spaces in two ways: one, to render single use spaces of utility multifunctional and accessible for the public, and two, to use these spaces to re-acquaint the public with the landscape, to imbue the practical with intimacy.. This thesis will investigate large-scale water infrastructure in Bakersfield, California, seeking to reinterpret key points within the system into a more localized, inhabitable and tangible infrastructural and architectural interface.